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Flux 12.3: Connections for multi-domain simulation

Flux 12.3 New Features Watch the video to see what's new in the most recent release of Flux.

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Robust and fast handling of 3D CAD geometries

A number of new tools have been included in the Flux 12.3 release which enable the handling of complex 3D CAD models. The geometries can be imported, cleaned and simplified far more easily using the 3D modeler. A new volume tetrahedral mesh generator has also been added, that enables high quality meshes to be achieved in a reduced time. HyperMesh or SimLab can now be used for the simplification and meshing phase, and thereafter the 3D mesh can be imported directly into Flux.

Easy 3D electric machine model setting

Electric machine simulation in 3D can be generated quickly and easily using the model templates. Many different shapes and configurations are available to create BPMs or IMs. An efficient way to build a 3D electric machine model:

  1. 3D meshing is automatically set up and created
  2. The winding can be specified and generated

Design of energy efficient electric drive systems

Flux embeds its own electric circuit editor, but when it comes to more advanced analysis - from the design of complex drives to the study of load impact - the co-simulation with solidThinking Activate system simulator can be a great help. Co-simulation is available for 2D, 3D and Skew models and devices such as rotating machines, sensors, transformers, or linear actuators can be considered. Considering motion and eddy currents, the coupling allows the implementation of control strategies and the computation of all the associated losses, giving insight into the global performance of the system.

For more information check out this blog post about Flux & system simulation coupling

Precise evaluation of heat transfer

Thermal aspects are key when designing electromagnetic devices. Flux magneto-thermal internal capabilities deal with these phenomena, using exchange coefficients to define convection. To have a more precise evaluation of the heat transfer, a new coupling with AcuSolve is proposed, in which CFD computations are performed. As a first version, a one-way coupling is available with losses sent from Flux to AcuSolve, to compute the temperature distribution.

Minimizing the vibrations of electric machines

With the latest versions, it is now possible to couple Flux to OptiStruct and calculate the vibrations generated by electromagnetic forces in electric machines. The main objective is to minimize these vibrations. Thanks to the connection of HyperStudy with Flux and OptiStruct, such multi-disciplinary optimization challenges can be handled. HyperStudy is able to drive both electromagnetic and structural coupled models to search for the optimal shape of the machine.

Efficient optimization of electric systems

When designing a device, an optimization software is often required to efficiently search the design space and find an optimal solution. This is an efficient solutions to minimize the losses in a device or system, improve the response time, increase the torque, and reduce dimensions or weight. Even with more complex cases, the HyperStudy optimization solution is able to reduce the computing time to the minimum with the guaranty of accurate results, taking into account different physics, like reducing the noise of an electric motor interacting on the electromagnetic design.

Analyse dielectric withstand of power equipment

Because equipment in the power network have to withstand always higher electric constraints, a special effort has been made on electric applications, with the ability to simulate electric transient phenomena, taking into account the non-linear behavior of materials. A unique post-processing function has also been developed to help predict dielectric breakdown voltages with a better accuracy, allowing for reducing the usual oversizing in such devices.

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