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Virtual Wind Tunnel New Features

  • Nested assembly structures are preserved when importing Nastran files into Virtual Wind Tunnel.

  • Multiple Files option lets you import multiple Nastran files in one step. All imported parts are placed into a new assembly. If further parts are imported in a second step, the parts are also added into a new assembly.

  • New options let you measure the distance between two points or measure the angle between two intersecting lines defined by three points.

  • Scale tool lets you scale up or down a previously imported model or parts of a model. With one click, you can select a user-defined center in the model for the scaling operation.

  • After a CFD analysis, text files are created with the time history for aerodynamic coefficients of drag, lift, and cross force. You can visualize these files with any plotting tool, such as HyperGraph.

  • New algorithm provides higher accuracy for frontal area computations. Based on a sophisticated recursive refinement strategy, the frontal area of complex models such as production-level automotive systems can be computed with high accuracy.


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Assembly structure maintained during import into VWT 2017 Multiple file import for Nastran Introduction of new helper tools Frontal area computation Export of aero coefficient into ASCII file
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