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SimLab New Features

What's new with SimLab 14.0? Watch the video to see what's new in the most recent release of SimLab.

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SimLab 14.0 significantly improves the user experience to solve complex engineering problems. This was achieved by transitioning to Altair’s next generation product platform ‘Unity’.

Functions have been organized into ribbons and are represented by self-explanatory icons. Where applicable there is a second level ribbon for further differentiation of the task. Frequently used options are available via right mouse button and many of the user dialogues have been redesigned.

Some of the highlights of the 14.0 release are:

  • Same interface for Linux and Windows: SimLab has been redesigned in a way that equal functionality is available on both plattforms. Earlier Linux versions only offered 60% of the windows versions.

  • Commands and functions are grouped logically and according to the CAE process.

  • Primary and secondary ribbons for functions give easy accessibility .

  • Frequently used commands are available on right click as context based menu items.

  • Custom tool bar provides flexibility to create user defined workflows.

  • Simplified workflow for topology and free shape design optimization.

  • Optimization setup can be saved and reused by saving it as template file

  • Various improvements for better support of solver interfaces.

SimLab 14.0 significantly improves usability while maintaining proven workflows and welcomes new users with an intuitive and easy to learn interface.


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Entirely redesigned SimLab interface Model of an engine block in new modeling environment Bearing pressure distribution after load application
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