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AcuSolve™ is a leading general-purpose finite element-based Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flow solver with superior robustness, speed, and accuracy. AcuSolve can be used by designers and research engineers with all levels of expertise, either as a standalone product or seamlessly integrated into a powerful design and analysis application. With AcuSolve, users can quickly obtain quality solutions without iterating on solution procedures or worrying about mesh quality or topology.

Key Benefits
  • Robustness - Most problems solved on the first attempt
  • Speed - Fully coupled solver on shared-memory and distributed parallel systems
  • Accuracy - Highly accurate in space and time while globally and locally conservative

Key Features and Functionality

Conservative Equations in 3D
  • Incompressible & weakly compressible Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations
  • Thermal analysis and conjugate heat transfer
  • Multi-layered thermal shell equations
  • Multi-species transport equations
  • Gray body enclosure radiation
  • View-factor computation (in parallel)
  • Solar radiation model
Turbulence Models
  • One- and two-equation RANS model
  • Smagorinsky and Dynamic sub-grid scale LES models
  • Hybrid RANS/LES (DES & DDES) models
Arbitrary Eulerian Lagrangian (ALE) Technology
  • Flexible mesh movement
  • Free surface simulation
  • Guide surface technology
  • Sliding mesh technology
Powerful User-Defined Function (UDF) Capability
  • Allows definition of material models, source terms, boundary conditions, etc.
  • Client-server interface with external programs
Component Technology
  • Fan component
  • Heat exchange component
Multiphysics Capabilities
  • Rigid body dynamics coupling
  • Practical Fluid/Structure Interaction (P-FSI)
  • Direct-Coupling Fluid/Structure Interaction (DC-FSI)
Support for Computational Aero Acoustics (CAA) Simulations

Unstructured Mesh Support
  • 4-node tetrahedron, 5-node pyramid, 6-node wedge, 8-node brick, and 10-node tetrahedron elements
Highly Effective Solver Technology
  • Novel and highly efficient iterative solver for fully coupled pressure/velocity equation systems
  • Fully coupled temperature/flow iterative equation solver
  • Fully parallel on shared and distributed memory machines, transparent to the user
Particle Tracer
  • Fast and accurate parallelized particle tracer
  • Laminar and turbulent diffusion

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Wind Turbine Simulation

Offshore Platform Riser Simulation

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