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NVH Director Overview

HyperWorks has a broad range of NVH functionality for NVH engineers, designed to reduce the simulation cycle time, freeing CAE engineers to focus on optimizing product design and performance. NVH Director (NVHD) is the first commercial software solution that makes full-vehicle NVH simulation possible in the most advanced and streamlined form.

AcuNexus Datasheet

Short overview of AcuNexus, highlighting benefits and capabilities of the NVH software.

AcuNexus Brochure

Short overview of AcuNexus, highlighting benefits and capabilities of the NVH software.

Intro to AcuNexus Presenation

Introduction to NVH software, AcuNexus, and its use of abstract modeling.

【日本語字幕】Anadolu Isuzuの成功事例

Anadolu Isuzuが、NVH、熱、空力、システムエンジニアリング等にHyperWorksを使用し、品質を損なうことなく開発時間の短縮に成功しました。<br>*日本語字幕は、左上に表示される[CC]の部分でON / OFFを切り替えてください。

MVD最新版紹介ウェビナー - HyperWorks14.0

Model Verification Director(MVD)バージョン5の新機能を紹介するウェビナー


CAEのためのモデリングにかかる時間を劇的に削減する『Model Verification Director』(MVD)についてのウェブセミナーの動画およびPDF資料。

2015JATC_MVD モデリングにかかる時間をさらに削減

『Model Verification Director』モデリングにかかる時間をさらに削減 Altair ラビ デビッド


The consumer goods industry is fast paced and highly competitive, with designs becoming increasingly complex while the timeline for production shrinks. Companies like Mabe must innovate and develop new products quickly in order to remain on the consumer radar, and conducting various analysis studies on their designs helps them to do so. This project addresses the tedious and time consuming task of modeling the foam within the product door that helps maintain the internal temperature and also absorbs shock in a drop situation. Modeling the foam effectively is complex and difficult due to the complicated nature of the doors and other cavities, so the step was often skipped, causing inefficiencies with the product.

F.tech R&D North America

F.tech R&D North America utilizes HyperView to investigate test results, using the data to inform decisions on methods to improve designs. This data will often be used to create reports and presentations during the development process, using images and animations generated by HyperView to illustrate particular areas of a component where additional work may be required. However, exporting these assets is a highly manual process of loading in results, positioning the model and taking screenshots. To allow its engineers to concentrate efforts on exploring and interpreting the results, F.tech R&D North America wanted a way of automating this process.

Lead Time Reduction using Automatic Reporting Director (ARD) for MAHLE

Mahle is one of the top automotive suppliers and one of the top 3 piston suppliers worldwide. With the recent advancements in numerical simulation and computing power, the FEA process has become a major tool to look at the reliability of different design variants. With these advancements, the reporting aspect remained a relatively unchanged process of manually creating pictures and tables with all of the different results. This presentation will look at the collaboration work between Mahle and the Altair Product Development (PD) team to customize the Automatic Reporting Director (ARD) for Mahle's requirements. The goal was to use to better utilize the engineers time by automatically generating a report with standard formats, pictures, and tables. By using the ARD tool, Mahle was able to reduce the lead time for a report from over 4 hours down to less than 1 hour.

Model Verification Director

Altair's Model Verification Director (MVD) allows engineering analysts to validate CAD model data received from the design teams, automatically identifying potential issues that could slow down the pre-processing stage of the simulation life cycle. The MVD is embedded into HyperWorks pre-processing technology, HyperMesh and integrated into the Assembly Browser. The solution identifies CAD intersections, missing welds, and incorrect bolt-nut positions on an entire assembly structure and generates comprehensive reports in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel formats to allow for easy communication of the validation results. With this insight, the CAD design team can correct the model data and help streamline the finite element modeling process.

Impact Simulation Director Overview

Altair's Impact Simulation Director (ISD) solutions empower engineers and designers to simulate the impact performance of designs faster to cost-effectively produce higher-quality products. ISD solutions automate the laborious, manual tasks associated with model setup, analysis, post-processing and reporting.

Automated Reporting Director

Automated Reporting Director is a novel set of comprehensive services and software automation to support the utilization of HyperWorks' post processing technologies embedded into your environment. The offering streamlines the often time-consuming tasks associated with the mechanics of results generation and reporting, allowing the engineer to focus on the interpretation and understanding of results.

HyperWorks Improves Development Processes at Automotive Consultancy

csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH, a leading engineering service provider for the automotive industry has enhanced its simulation power with Altair‘s HyperWorks Suite. The company consolidated its CAE tools and now uses the large scale of HyperWorks, which offers a solution for almost every application needed in modern product development. csi will apply OptiStruct for optimization tasks, MotionView and MotionSolve for multi-body applications, and HyperMesh for pre-processing tasks. Additionally HyperShape/CATIA will be used for CAD integrated optimization and weight reduction.

Automotive - Advancing the NVH analysis process with RADIOSS

Today’s demand for increased vehicle comfort brings continued challenges to designing a Body-In-White (BIW) structure. Reducing low frequency noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) is a key ingredient to improving vehicle comfort but accomplishing this is a large problem as external factors, such as fuel economy, are creating requirements for lighter vehicles. This webinar will demonstrate how CAE and Altair HyperWorks can significantly impact vehicle comfort through improving the process of NVH analysis.

Advanced NVH Simulation Techniques

From overall vehicle refinement to individual component development, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) can differentiate a vehicle in the market and shape a customer's perception of the brand. This webinar will look at improving NVH characteristics throughout the product development process with the latest methods and tools creates a competitive advantage.

Partner Spotlight: Matereality

Paul Klinger, Matereality's Director of Sales, discusses WorkGroup Material DatabasePro tips, tutorials and benefits of the material database software.

The Influence of the Injection Molding Process in Structural Analysis

The Altair Partner Alliance's Technical Director reflects on various influences affecting the product engineering process in regards to structural analysis.

From Manufacturing to Design Validation

The Altair Partner Alliance's Technical Director reflects on proper design validation when it comes to fiber reinforced plastics.

The Micromechanics Approach and Multiscale Modeling of Composites

Material modeling remains one of the interesting challenges in composites design. The APA's technical director discusses this topic and the solutions available from Altair.

NVH Webinar Series : Squeak and Rattle Simulation at Scania and LeanNova

Altair's Squeak and Rattle Director is a novel set of comprehensive software automations to rapidly identify and analyze design alternatives to eliminate the root causes of squeak and rattle in assemblies.

Partner Spotlight: ChassisSim

Danny Nowlan, the Owner and Director of ChassisSim Technologies, discusses his MBD software, ChassisSim, which specializes in high performance racing vehicles.

Partner Spotlight: Fieldscale

Vasso Kalaitzidou, Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director at Fieldscale, discusses electrostatic simulation software, Charge, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Partner Spotlight: FLUIDON

Ronald Kett, Managing Director at FLUIDON, discusses fluid power simulation software, DSHplus, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Partner Spotlight: Anaglyph

Dr. George Kretsis, Managing Director, discusses composite design and analysis software, LAP and CoDA, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Composite and Reinforced Plastics Material Modeling for FEA Automotive Design

To predict accurately the safety, NVH, statics and fatigue performance of fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) parts in the automotive industry requires an advanced material model to take into account the effects of the manufacturing process on the local materials stiffness and strength.

Optimisation Techniques Leading the Development of a Steering Wheel

The early application of structural optimisation in the design of automotive components streamlines the design process and at the same time significantly increases the potential of the final design achieving maximum performance. This paper details the use of optimisation techniques during the development of a steering wheel, to generate an optimised design for cross attribute performance. This was completed in the Altair HyperWorks environment as Altair HyperMesh combined with Altair OptiStruct enables the creation of a parametric model with a multitude of design variables (i.e. size, shape, displacement, stress and frequency) in order to satisfy NVH, manufacturability, durability and crash targets.

New High Performance Stiff and Deformable Digital Roads of FTire

This was a 2010 Americas HTC Presentation given by Gerald Hofmann from Cosin. Providing high-end simulation software for tire and vehicle dynamics and road modeling, Cosin’s key product FTire has established its position as the leading tire model for vehicle comfort and NVH analysis over the last years. As a HyperWorks Alliance Partner, this presentation discusses the full range support for tire data measurement, parameter identification and road surface measurement demonstrated by Cosin.

HyperWorks at Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd.: Accelerating Design and Analysis of High-Speed Railcars

Asia's largest railway vehicle manufacturer, Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd. (CRC), was looking for ways to increase development efficiency through streamlined CAE processes. By implementing HyperWorks, Altair's engineering framework for product design, CRC was able to reduce modeling cycle time by up to 50 percent. In addition, simulations were more accurate as a result of better model quality.

Using Topology Optimization to determine optimal locations and designs of Terocore® structural foam automotive body reinforcements to improve vehicle NVH characteristics

Henkel used topology optimization to find the optimum areas for foam reinforcements in a automotive BIW structure to maximum bending and torsional stiffness. Henkei found that performance could be increased by as much as 25 percent.<br><br><i><b>Download available to registered Clients only</i></b>

The Application of Process Automation and Optimisation in the Rapid Development of New Passenger Vehicles at SAIC Motor

As a relatively young automotive company, SAIC Motor has drawn on the expertise of its UK Technical Centre to help in its objective to bring a new range of vehicles to market in an aggressive time frame. CAE has formed an integral part in doing this and the UK technical centre has worked closely with Altair Product Design amongst others to utilise its Engineers’ skills as well as the Hyperworks suite of software. The paper aims to showcase what has been achieved to date, on the Roewe 550 medium car programme - currently on sale in China - and on another current vehicle programme, where processes have been developed further. Several interesting optimisation examples are highlighted in the development of the body structure as well as some key process improvement methodologies which have been jointly developed between SAIC and Altair to streamline the design process.

RADIOSS 10.0 Overview for Structures, Vibrations, and Durability

A high level overview of the new features for RADIOSS 10.0 for Structures, Vibrations and Durability.

Simulation of noise treatments in aircraft

Presentation at the Nordic HyperWorks Users Meeting 2011 by Peter Davidsson, Creo Dynamics.

CDTire: State-of-the-Art Tire Models For Full Vehicle Simulation

This was a 2012 Americas HTC Presentation given by Axel Gallrein from Fraunhofer. CDTire is a family of sophisticated tire models capable of accurately representing the dynamic behavior of tires and the road-tire interaction. This presentation gives an overview of tire modeling methods developed at Fraunhofer and made available through CDTire.

Optimization Training - Altair OptiStruct

This was an Optimization training presentation given by Warren Dias at the 2012 Americas HTC. This presentation focuses on Altair OptiStruct.




モデリング、解析、最適化、可視化、レポート作成、共同作業による知識管理という、シミュレーション プロセスのあらゆる場面に対応するHyperWorks製品に関連するカタログおよびデータシート

  • AcuSolveデータシート AcuSolve ™は、ロバスト性、スピード、精度に優れた有限要素法ベースの汎用数値流 体力学(CFD)ソルバーです。 設計者から研究者まで、あらゆるレベルの専門知識を持つ方に対してご利用いただけ ます。製品単体として、もしくは効果的に設計・解析のアプリケーションへシームレスに 統合してご利用いただけます。 解析手順の反復無く、メッシュの品質・トポロジーを気にせず、素早く質の良い解を得 ることができます。
  • AcuSolve 1.8b データシート(PDFをダウンロード) AcuSolve 1.8b新機能の紹介 <br>・新しい乱流モデル <br>・Intel MPIメッセージパッシングライブラリ <br>・乱流パラメータの自動初期化オプション <br>・材料モデルデータベースの追加 <br>・AcuPrepの大幅なパフォーマンス向上 <br>・AcuFieldView
  • SimLab製品カタログ(PDF) SimLabは、複雑なアセンブリの挙動について高速かつ正確なシミュレーションを可能にする、プロセス主導かつフィーチャーベースの有限要素モデリングソフトウェアです。
  • RADIOSS for Structure & NVH(PDFをダウンロード) Altair RADIOSSは、線形・振動問題から高度非線形解析や構造・流体連成問題までをカバーする高性能汎用有限要素ソルバーです。振動騒音・強度・疲 労寿命解析機能は、NASTRAN互換のBulk入力データ形式でご利用いただけます。
  • NVH Director エンジニアによるより良い製品のより迅速な開発を可能とする 真のフルビークル シミュレーションソリューション
  • HyperForm製品カタログ プレス成形シミュレーションシステムHyperFormの製品カタログ
  • HyperForm Solista製品カタログ(PDFをダウンロード) プレス成形のエッセンスを集めた スタンドアローンパッケージ
  • Virtual Wind Tunnelデータシート(PDF) 優れた外 部流れのシミュレーション環境を提供するこの業種特化型アプリケーションによ り、直感的で効率的なプロセス、精度とロバスト性に優れたソリューションが実 現します。
  • HyperWorks Unlimitedデータシート
TK Mattingly Discusses Water Landing Simulation of the NASA Orion Crew Module

T.K. Mattingly, former Apollo Astronaut and Director of Space Enterprise for Systems Planing and Analysis, reveals how he worked with Altair ProductDesign to simulate the water landing of the NASA Orion Crew Module.

Simulation Driven Weight Saving in Stamping

Dr. Subir Roy Director - Industry Solutions, Altair<br><br>With increasing regulation on fuel consumption and emission standards, weight saving has become one of the most important topics for automotive sheet metal design. Advanced high strength materials are becoming more prevalent for new vehicle models to reduce weight while enhancing structural performance.

Korea Meteorological Administration Implements Cost-saving Innovations for Electricity Usage with PBS Professional and AcuSolve

“PBS Professional has been a very reliable workload manager for our large, complex supercomputing systems… Cray and Altair are supercomputing leaders in the weather and climate modeling industry, and we are more than happy to have collaborated for this groundbreaking HPC simulation project.” - Ha-young Oh, Assistant Director of National Center for Meteorological Supercomputer

Accelerating Complex Simulations: An Example From Manufacturing - RADIOSS

Altair's software products enable a wide range of industries to conduct complex simulations crucial to engineering innovation and deliver reliable products to market. In a sector where supporting enhanced performance and new feature sets is critical, Altair is using Intel® Software Development tools to scale on Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors and coprocessors as quickly as possible to improve its customers' competitive advantage. Join us as Altair's Director of Engineering, Eric Lequiniou, discusses how Intel® tools help drive application innovation to provide the best possible performance.

Ford's John Viera Gives His Thoughts on the Positive Relationship with Altair for Lightweighting Initiatives

John Viera, Global Director, Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters at Ford Motor Company, gives his thoughts on the relationship with Altair and its importance as the company continues to drive down vehicle weight.

HyperWorks for Crash: Simulation with RADIOSS

Erwan Mestres (Business Development Director) is presenting a comprehensive overview of Altair's crash solution RADIOSS, touching on basics, model setup, safety models (such as dummies and barriers), and also analysis speed-up with e.g. scaling or sub-modelling.

Mahle Discuss Its Use Of The Automated Reporting Director

A close collaboration was forged between MAHLE and Altair ProductDesign to create the automated reporting solution. While Altair ProductDesign developed the code, MAHLE described the current process and reporting requirements to ensure business alignment and an effective result. Previously, users had to create a HyperView session, adjust all the pictures, snap a picture of each desired view, bring the visual assets into PowerPoint, crop and place, go back and create call-outs, and re-examine results to create notes for the report; this is now a push button operation. Using ARD, MAHLE has successfully reduced time spent on non-engineering tasks, enabling CAE analysts to better utilize their time as engineers - yielding more analysis and better design.

MVD(Model Verification Director)ウェブセミナー

Model Verification Director(MVD)バージョン4の新機能を紹介するウェビナーです。<br><br> MVDは、設計 / CAEチームの担当者に代わって、自動でCADモデルの検証を行い、メッシング作業のプロセスを遅らせる潜在的な問題を見つけ出します。検証の結果はPowerPointおよびExcel形式で出力でき、3次元でモデルを確認することが可能です。検証項目と部品点数にもよりますが、90%の工数削減を達成したユーザー様もいらっしゃいます。<br><br> バージョン4の新機能は以下のとおりです; <ul><li>浮き部品チェック</li> <li>材料名と板厚の比較</li> <li>新レポートレイアウトの追加</li> <li>比較機能、リスタート機能などの改善</li></ul>

Durability Director

This is a recording of the live webinar that took place on December 17, 2009.<br><br> Durability analysis is a very complex and time consuming process. Typically engineers encounter many problems that can arise from inefficient data exchange, differing processes and utilizing many different tools throughout the simulation process. Durability Director is a newly released product within the HyperWorks suite. Durability Director is a tailored, yet configurable, environment for efficiently managing the entire durability simulation process.<br><br> Run time: 34 min

Optimierung von Strukturen hinsichtlich NVH und Akustik

Body Durability, NVH and Safety CAE Process Automation

By applying HyperWorks' process automation to the automotive body simulation process, Ford was able to save as much as 60 percent of time per analysis.<br><br><i><b>Download available to registered Clients only</i></b>

HyperWorks 12.0 Rollout Webinar Series NVH Modeling and Analysis

Innovative Strategies In Automotive Industry

This webinar will discuss this broad topic and how new technologies can enable engineers create better cars and trucks. This is the first of a five part webinar series that will describe how Altair and HyperWorks can help companies address increasing vehicle complexity, regulatory and safety obligations and satisfy consumer requirements.


<b>Improving Design Productivity through Automation</b><br><br> OPEL identified the design process of engine mount systems as a candidate for a process automation solution. As an objective, NVH engineers had to be able to generate input decks even without detailed load case information. Knowledge had to be captured and re-used in a standardized workflow. Automatic optimization and robustness analysis of the mount parameters had to be integrated into the process to quickly improve final product quality.

FEKO Webinar: Choosing the Right Solver in FEKO

One of the key features in FEKO is that it includes a broad set of unique and hybridized solvers, giving the possibility to combine methods to solve complex and electrically large problems, with all solvers included in the same package. Presented by Jordi Soler, Director of Business Development, Electromagnetics, this webinar provides an overview and guide on how to choose the most appropriate method in FEKO.

Bremar Automotion uses Altair RADIOSS to Design & Certify FIA Motorsport Roll Cages

“The Altair product is it for us in terms of simulation. That’s all we use. It’s great to be able to show such good correlation between the simulations and physical testing, and to have confidence in not only our approach, but also the Altair product as well. It’s a great product for us to be using, and the test results and these images just back that up for us.” Brett Longhurst, Managing Director, Bremar Automotion

dt. HW 10 Update Webinare: Festigkeit, NVH und Lebensdauer mit RADIOSS (Bulk Format)

Durability Solutions with Durability Director

Simulating, analyzing and predicting durability and fatigue is a complex process which is made up of many different pieces and can be approached using a variety of different methods. Durability of ground vehicles can be particularly challenging because the way the vehicle is used, the variability of the roads a vehicle is driven on, and the product design can change significantly during both the design phase and the product life-cycle. Durability Director is Altair Engineering’s solution to manage the entire durability prediction process.

VMAP Datasheet

VMAP Datasheet from TechPassion

Altair BUSolutions

<b>Developing the World’s First Series Hydraulic Hybrid Bus</b><br><br> The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires modern transit bus systems to provide more efficient services across America. Currently, U.S. public bus transit authorities are subsidized to meet operating budgets with State and local subsidies exceeding $19 billion per year and Federal subsidies exceed $7 billion per year. The goal of the BUSolutions project is to design and manufacturer a new bus with improved fuel economy, lower emissions and a lower life cycle cost than today’s buses.

A True Full Vehicle Simulation Solution that Enables Engineers to Develop Better Products, Faster

NVH Director is a fully integrated, user-friendly, and customizable solution for optimizing product design and performance. This is achieved by automating complex NVH modeling tasks while reducing solution and problem diagnosis times.<br><br> <i>This is the recorded webinar held on February 29, 2012.</i>

Full-Vehicle NVH Analysis and Optimization

Automotive Noise and Vibration Analysis involves some of the largest and most complex models being used for Finite Element Analysis. Models regularly involve millions of finite elements, with thousands of components and properties, along with the connections between those components.<br><br> <i>This is the recorded webinar held on May 9, 2012.</i>

Daimler - Calculation of Optimal Damping Placement in a Vehicle Interior

One of the most difficult jobs of a NVH Analyst is to sift through a seemingly endless set of results and find the key conclusions that will improve a design. Different assumptions and different subsets of data can give very different conclusions. This paper compares acoustic results calculated for a Class 8 heavy duty truck cab to choose an optimal configuration of damping material. The design was evaluated for structure and air-borne inputs, but only structure-borne inputs are considered in this paper.

An Innovative Solution for True Full Vehicle NVH Simulation

This was a 2012 Americas HTC training presentation given by Jianmin Guan. This presentation focuses on the use of NVH Director True Full Vehicle Simulation framework for NVH analysis.

VMAP in the Auto Industry

2012 automotive webinar series featuring VMAP by TechPassion

Select PD case study

2012 automotive webinar series featuring VMAP by TechPassion

Coustyx User's Manual

User manual for Coustyx 4.02

Structural damage detection using FRF

Webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on the detection of strutural damange using the frequency response function.

Experimental Modal Analysis of Gear Box Casing

Webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on expermiental modal analysis of a gear box casing along with an electromagnetic shaker.

Modal analysis of cricket bat

Webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on the modal analysis of a cricket bat.

Model analysis of cricket bat

Webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on the modal analysis of a cricket bat.

FEA Correlation of Aluminum Gear Box Casing

Webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on test to FEA correlation of a cast aluminum gear box casing.

Life Cycle Analysis of Automobile Components

Webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on the life cycle analysis of automobile components.

Part 1: Structural Damping measurements and Comparison of Components

Part 1 of a webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on damping measurements and damping comparison of components.

Part 2: Structural Damping measurements and Comparison of Components

Part 2 of a webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on damping measurements and damping comparison of components.

Composite Beam - Modal Analysis

Composite Beam - Modal Analysis

Hybrid Finite Element Analysis of a Rotorcraft

The Hybrid FEA method, based on combining conventional Finite Element Analysis with Energy Finite Element Analysis for mid-frequency computations, is applied to a rotorcraft.

Vehicle Airborne Noise Analysis Using the Energy Finite Element Method

EFEA is used to evaluate the exterior acoustic loading in a vehicle.

Publications That Include EFEA

List of publications with relation to EFEA

Coustyx & HyperWorks Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of Coustyx

VMAP & HyperWorks Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of VMAP

EFEA & HyperWorks Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of EFEA

SEAM & HyperWorks Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of SEAM

Success Story: SEAM from Cambridge Collaborative for BMW

Publication highlighting BMW's success using SEAM

Success Story: SEAM from Cambridge Collaborative for International Truck and Engine Corporation

Publication highlighting International's success using SEAM

2013 Altairテクノロジーカンファレンス-Day1 ワークショップ HyperWorks 1


  • 進化した自動メッシング(PDF) HyperMeshおよびBatchMesherの改善されたメッシュアルゴリズム、自動品質レポート、シェル要素板厚自動割り当て(MidMeshThickness)、部品入れ替えなどの新機能を紹介します。
  • 最新版 衝突、安全解析セットアップツール(PDF) 大規模モデルへの対応、インクルードファイル管理、部品入れ替えの自動処理、HyperFormと連携し初期ひずみ等を考慮したモデルの自動セットアップ、安全解析ツール、モデルチェッカーのデモを行います。
  • 車体モデルを一覧管理 - Assembly Browser(PDF) Assembly BrowserではPLMと連携し、車体の各部品情報をリストで表示、管理できます。材料、板厚などの確認、不足情報の検出およびレポート作成を自動で行うため、設計部門に簡単に素早く問い合わせを行えます。
  • メッシュを切る前から効率化 - CADエラー分析ツール(PDF) 貫通チェック、スポット溶接不具合チェック、ボルトとナットの不適合等さまざまなCADの問題を事前に検出するツール、および設計者に提出するための3次元レポートの自動生成ツールについて紹介します。
  • 流用メッシュの調査、レポート(PDF) 新規の設計において、全体の6~9割に既存部品を流用する場合があります。既存部品が流用されているかどうかを自動で検出し、レポートを作成します。
  • データ管理 - Collaboration Tools(PDF) Collaboration ToolsはHyperMesh内でCAEデータを自動で整理、検査、検索できるツールです。バージョンの管理、比較も可能で、PLMのリポジトリに接続し、CADデータを直接読み込むことができます。
Partner Spotlight: Cambridge Collaborative

Q&A with Principle Scientist, Patricia Manning, of Cambridge Collaborative

VMAP Showcase Video

2 minute video introduction to NVH software, VMAP, from TechPassion

VMAP Customer Showcase Video

2 minute video introduction to NVH software, VMAP, from TechPassion

VMAP Technical Description and Demo Video

10 minute video about the technical capabilities of VMAP as well as a short demo of the software

Coustyx Showcase Video

2 minute video introduction to NVH software, Coustyx, from ANSOL

Coustyx Customer Showcase Video

2 minute video introduction to NVH software, Coustyx, from ANSOL

Squeak & Rattle Director

Altair's Squeak and Rattle Director (SRD) is a novel set of comprehensive software automations to rapidly identify and analyze design alternatives to eliminate the root causes of squeak and rattle (S&R) in assemblies. Tailored to be deeply integrated within your environment and processes, SRD offers a complete set of capabilities to streamline the entire S&R simulation workflow process from model creation to results visualization.

Introduction to HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel

Altair’s HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel is a new solution designed to provide better wind tunnel simulation technology and user experience. With a highly automated and streamlined workflow process and high quality CFD technology, Altair’s HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel is able to more accurately and quickly predict an automobile’s aerodynamic performance.

Simulation Tools: Driving the Future of Design

The Clemson University Deep Orange 3 program introduced future engineers to analysis software, enabling them to develop a novel sports car concept architecture.<br><br> By Dr. Paul Venhovens<br> <i>Concept To Reality</i> Winter 2013 <a href="http://www.altair.com/MagazineFreeSubscription.aspx">Subscribe to C2R Magazine</a>


克莱姆森大学的Deep Orange 3 项目面向未来工程师引进了强大的分析软件,帮助他们开发新型跑车的概念架构。<br><br> By Dr. Paul Venhovens<br> <i>Concept To Reality</i> Winter 2013 <a href="http://www.altair.com/MagazineFreeSubscription.aspx">Subscribe to C2R Magazine</a>


Altair Japanが提供する、ユーザー向けのテクニック資料集です。PDFをダウンロードしてご覧いただけます。ダウンロードにはクライアントセンターからクライアントとしてログインする必要があります。

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