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Crash Cad Calculate Datasheet

Datasheet to accompany Crash Cad Calculate from Impact Design.

Partner Spotlight: Sascha Pazour from PART Engineering

Interview with Sascha Pazour from PART Engineering about possible applications, tips and facts about using CONVERSE.

APA Program Testimonials

Quotes from customers, technology partners, Alliance partners and industry analysts

nCode DesignLife 12.0 Product Brochure

nCode DesignLife 12.0 Product Brochure

Click2Cast User Manual

User manual for Click2Cast.

Click2Cast Specification Sheet

Click2Cast a casting process simulation software developed by Quantech ATZ.

Partner Spotlight: Hakan Fransson from NovaCast

Discussion with Hakan Fransson, CEO of NovaCast, about benefits and uses for casting simulation software NovaFlow&Solid.

EFEA Manual for Version 6.03

User manual for EFEA 6.03

NovaFlow&Solid CV HPD 4.5 Quick User Guide

Reference manual for using NovaFlow&Solid CV

NovaFlow&Solid Gravity Casting Datasheet

NovaFlow&Solid is a mold filling and solidification simulation package based on advanced fluid flow and heat transfer theories.

DSHplus to MotionSolve Interface

Overview of the interface between DSHplus and MotionSolve

Partner Spotlight: TES International

Interview with TES International Engineering Manager, Hamish Lewis, discussing their software ThermoFlo & ElectroFlo

Partner Spotlight: MultiMechanics

Interview with Leandro Castro, Founder of MultiMechanics, and the APA Team about composites software, MultiMech.

ESAComp Datasheet

ESAComp Software for composites design data sheet.

ElectroFlo Flyer

ElectroFlo for electronics cooling software overview.

APA One Page Flyer

One page flyer providing general overview of the Altair Partner Alliance.

DSHplus User Manual

User manual for DSHplus by FLUIDON, 2012.

DSHplus 3.7 Installation Guide

Installation guide for DSHplus by FLUIDON.

Key to Metals AG in the Auto Industry 2012

Database with Key to Metals AG, from the 2012 APA Automotive Webinar Series.

StressCheck ColdWorks Product Brief

StressCheck data sheet with an overview of the ColdWork module's functionality

StressCheck Handbook Product Brief

StressCheck data sheet with an overview of the Handbook module's functionality

StressCheck Composites Analysis Product Brief

StressCheck data sheet highlighting its functionality in the areas of composite structure analysis and bonded joints

StressCheck Fracture Mechanics Product Brief

StressCheck data sheet with an overview of the Fracture Mechanics module's functionality

StressCheck Product Overview

StressCheck data sheet with an overview of modules and functionality

VMAP Datasheet

VMAP Datasheet from TechPassion

FLUIDON Company Brochure

FLUIDON Company Brochure

APA Brochure

General overview of the Altair Partner Alliance, including short descriptions of each partner product.

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