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scSTREAM Version 12.0 Release Notes

Release notes for the latest version of scSTREAM from Software Cradle.

Tutorial: *.mfe from HyperMesh to Moldex3D

A tutorial with step-by-step instructions on taking a file from HyperMesh to Moldex3D.

MapleSim to VisSim

Rapid physical modeling, analysis and model deployment to VisSim.

Partner Spotlight: Moldex3D

Dr. Venny Yang, President at Coretech System, discusses injection molding software, Moldex3D, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Matereality Tip: Create CAE Master Material Files for use in HyperWorks

Quick guide to creating material files in Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro that are compatible with HyperWorks.

Partner Spotlight: Elysium

Mr. Kentaro Fukuta, General Manager of Global Business at Elysium, discusses 3D geometry healing and translation software, CADdoctor, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro and HyperWorks Connectivity

Description and tutorial about the connection between Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro and HyperWorks.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1 Release Notes

Release notes covering the additions, fixes and features included in CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1.

JMAG + AcuSolve Tutorial: Coupled Motor Thermal Analysis

Extensive step-by-step guide for employing the coupling between JMAG and AcuSolve.

Cross Section Creator Manual

Extensive manual for using Cross Section Creator by Impact Design.

Easily Compare Results of Different Analyses Using Moldex3D Report Wizard

Report Wizard allows users the ability to generate reports automatically without manually capturing every item from a results field. By selecting the Compare run option in project wizard, the difference between the runs (up to 4) can be clearly shown at a glance.

Tips and Tricks: Total Materia Premium Edition

A collection of tips and tricks to help users get up and running with Total Materia quickly and easily.

DSHplus Tip: Using a Formula Automatically Calculate a Mass Spring Damper System

This video explains how to apply formulas to automatically calculate a mass spring damper system.

Intro to the CADdoctor Midsurface Module

Introduction to the CADdoctor Midsurface function enhancement.

Intro to the CADdoctor Verification Module

Introduction the the geometry verification function enhancement for CADdoctor.

Intro to the CADdoctor Geometry Simplification Module

Introduction to the Geometry Simplification function enhancement for CADdoctor.

Intro to CADdoctor Presentation

Presentation introducing CADdoctor, software for 3D geometry healing, simplification and verification, as well as data translation.

CADdoctor Brochure

Short document explaining the features and functionalities of CADdoctor, a 3D Geometry Healing and Translation software application.

Elysium Company Introduction

Introduction presentation and company profile for Elysium, developer of CADdoctor.

Intro to the CADdoctor Polygon Extension

Introduction to the Polygon Extension function enhancement for CADdoctor.

APA for the Marine Industry

Altair HyperWorks and the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) software has numerous available simulation and analysis options that apply to the marine and shipbuilding industry. The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HyperWorks Units with little or no incremental cost, under one simple licensing model.

APA for the Automotive Industry

When it comes to automotive, Altair HyperWorks and the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) software covers virtually the entire industry, offering numerous software solutions for any major simulation necessary in designing and building a quality vehicle. The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HyperWorks Units with little or no incremental cost, under one simple licensing model.

Maple 2016 Release Notes

What's new in Maple 2016

MapleSim 2016 Release Notes

What's new in MapleSim 2016

PTB Analytics Tip

Automatically Generate Efficient Project Plans

Matereality Tip: Use the 'Share' Functionality So Everyone is on the Same Page

Share your view with colleagues, so they see what you see! Send them the exact link by clicking Share in the left column. Soon, you and your colleague are on the same page! Take a snap shot of the plot to add to your report by clicking the camera icon on top of the graph!

AlphaCell Tip: Generate Input Impedance Data to Use in OptiStruct

AlphaCell offers several bridges to HyperWorks and APA solutions. In particular, AlphaCell's default output format contains impedance data needed in OptiStruct to model frequency dependent porous absorbers. Learn how to take advantage of this feature in this document.

Fatigue, Composites & Optimization: Themes for Partner Presentations at the Americas Altair Technology Conference

Americas ATC 2015 had one of the highest attendance in history, with about 750+ users in a span of 3 days attending workshops and presentations. Close to half the number of partners from the APA were present to interact with customers and showcase their technologies. Sridhar highlights the key points covered in the presentations.

Partner Spotlight: Airbus Defence and Space

Mr. Gerd Schuhmacher, Senior Expert Multidisciplinary Air Vehicle Analysis and Design Optimization, discusses stress analysis software, STRENGTH2000®, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

APA for the Energy Industry

Altair offers a number of solutions for the energy industry, which are then complemented by the capabilities provided by our partners through the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HWUs with little or no incremental cost under one simple licensing model.

How to Import Cross Sections from HyperBeam to Crash Cad Calculate

In CCC 2.0 the user will find the new possibility of cross section geometry import from the HyperBeam software.

Partner Spotlight: HBM-nCode

Mr. Chris Lewis, Global Partner Manager at HBM-nCode, discusses durability and fatigue software, DesignLife, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

STRENGTH2000® Tutorial

This tutorial contains an excerpt of the STRENGTH2000® User Manual demonstrating the analysis and pre-design of a wing spar.

STRENGTH2000® Analysis Methods

List of analysis methods available in STRENGTH2000® by Airbus Defence and Space.

STRENGTH2000® Datasheet

Datasheet introducing the structural analysis and verification solution, STRENGTH2000®, from Airbus Defense and Space.

Materialise 3-matic & solidThinking INSPIRE Tutorial

Designing with Inspire/3-matic for Additive Manufacturing.

Getting Started with Click2Cast

Quick start guide with tips and brief explanations of Click2Cast's features and capabilities.

Partner Spotlight: CAEfatigue

Dr. Neil Bishop, Chief Executive Officer at CAEfatigue Limited, discusses Random Response Durability Analysis software, CAEfatigue VIBRATION, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Moldex3D and OptiStruct Tutorial

This tutorial shows the general procedures of injection molding simulation and fiber orientation mapping using the software Moldex3D and how to prepare the model to use in OptiStruct.

CONVERSE and OptiStruct Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to apply mapping abilities in CONVERSE to a finite element model in OptiStruct using the fiber orientation generated by an injection analysis Moldflow (.pat and .ele files).

JMAG + OptiStruct Multiphysics Workflow

JMAG and OptiStruct work together to perform equivalent radiated power (ERP) optimization of an electromagnetic engine.

Introduction to Tilt Casting with NovaFlow&Solid

Introduction to performing tilt cast simulation with NovaFlow&Solid.

Quick User Guide for Dual Mesh Function in NovaFlow&Solid CV

Quick guide to jump start application of the Dual Mesh function in NovaFlow&Solid CV.

AlphaCell Flyer

Overview of key features and benefits of using AlphaCell to solve NVH problems.

Quick User Guide: Low Pressure Casting with NovaFlow&Solid CV

Quick start guide for simulating low pressure casting with NovaFlow&Solid CV.

Advanced NovaFlow&Solid Training Presentation

Presentation explaining, in detail, how to apply NovaFlow&Solid for casting simulation.

NovaFlow&Solid HPD Step by Step Guide

Introductory guide for use of NovaFlow&Solid CV HPD.

Basic NovaFlow&Solid Step by Step Guide

Step by step tutorial to help new users of NovaFlow&Solid get started.

Step by Step Tutorial for NovaStress

Step by step guide for using NovaStress, part of NovaFlow&Solid CV.

Crash Cad Calculate Release Notes: Version 2.0

Release notes highlighting what is new in version 2.0 of Crash Cad Calculate, including integration with HyperBeam.

APA for Composites

Document outlining the capabilities, related to composites modeling, offered through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Creating an Optimization Study Using HyperStudy and MADYMO

This tutorial illustrates how to setup an optimization study that combines MADYMO/Workspace Objective Rating with Hyperstudy.

DOE Study Using HyperStudy and MADYMO

This tutorial outlines how to set up a DOE study in HyperStudy using Madymo as a solver.

Partner Spotlight: Materialise

Lieve Boeykens, Brand Manager at Materialise, discusses Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimization software, Materialise 3-matic, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Use Casting Simulation to Optimize Product Design, Quality and Material Strength in the Production of Castings

Hakan Fransson, from NovaCast Systems expands upon how casting simulation can help optimize designs for production.

TES International Flyer

Overview of TES International and the software products they offer.

Crash Cad Calculate: Short Product Description

Snapshot of what CCC is and what tools it has for your impact analysis needs.

BikeSim Brochure

Overview of BikeSim, for performing Multibody Dynamics Analysis on motorcycles and other motorized bikes.

CarSim Brochure

Overview of CarSim software for MBD Analysis.

ChassisSim Datasheet

Brief introduction and overview brochure to MDB Analysis technology, ChassisSim.

Coustyx Datasheet

Overview of Coustyx by ANSOL, used for NVH analysis.

Crash Cad Calculate User Manual: Version 2.0

Extensive documentation, instructions and features of Crash Cad Calculate.

Partner Spotlight: Altea Digital S.r.l.

Matteo Gualano, the COO of Altea Digital S.r.l., discusses augmented reality simulation and rendering software, LinceoVR, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Customer Initiated Developments in FEMFAT

Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG has a very long tradition in helping automotive OEMs in developing parts for their passenger cars, trucks, farm tractors, railways, and even some aeronautic vehicles. This article highlights some of these projects which have led to innovation and have become unique to FEMFAT.

Co-Simulation: DSHplus + MotionSolve

Presentation outlining the multiphysics workflow between DSHplus and MotionSolve.

MultiMechanics Datasheet

General information about composites software from MultiMechanics.

MultiMech2014 Release Notes

Latest updates, additions and information about MultiMech2014.

Partner Spotlight: ChassisSim

Danny Nowlan, the Owner and Director of ChassisSim Technologies, discusses his MBD software, ChassisSim, which specializes in high performance racing vehicles.

Total Materia Exporter Flyer

One-page flyer about export options with the Total Materia software.

Total Materia + APA Module Introduction

Presentation introducing each module within the APA Total Materia offering and how they interact.

Total Materia + Altair Partner Alliance Flyer

Highlights of how the Total Materia offering interacts within the APA.

Total Materia Introduction Slidedeck 2014

Introduction to the Total Materia material database.

Total Materia Extended Range Datasheet

Total Materia Extended Range product datasheet.

Total Materia PolyPLUS Flyer

Total Materia PolyPLUS Datasheet.

Partner Spotlight: JSOL Corporation

Yusaku Suzuki, the Marketing Manager of the JMAG Division at JSOL Corporation, discusses the electromechanical design and analysis tool, JMAG.

MADYMO 7.5 Installation Guide

In-depth guide for installing the latest version of MADYMO from TASS-International.

Total Metals Datasheet

Total Metals product datasheet

Partner Spotlight: MATELYS

Luc Jaouen of MATELYS discusses the Noise, Vibration & Harshness tool, AlphaCell, which specializes in porous materials.

Maple 2016 Datasheet

Overview of benefits and specifications of the mathematics tool from Maplesoft.

Partner Spotlight: SandboxModel

Project Management Training by Simulation Based Training (SBT) with Project Team Builder

Partner Spotlight: ThermoAnalytics

Craig Makens, Vice President of ThermoAnalytics, shares some interesting details about his company's thermal analysis software, TAITherm.

AcuNexus Installation Guide

Guide to installing AcuNexus.

Intro to AcuNexus Presentation

Introduction to CFD software, AcuNexus, and its use of abstract modeling.

Geometry Preparation in AcuNexus

Guide to preparing geometry for use in AcuNexus.

AcuNexus Brochure

Short overview of AcuNexus, highlighting benefits and capabilities of the NVH software.

Matereality WorkGroup Material DatabasePro Tech Spec Sheet

Informational document describing the technical specifications and capabilities of Matereality WorkGroup Material DatabasePro.

How To: Run the Click2Cast Solver Outside of the GUI

Step by step guide to running Click2Cast solver in the background of the GUI.

Click2Cast Version 2.3 Release Notes

Overview of new features and functionality included in Click2Cast 2.3

PTB Analytics Datasheet

Overview of the PTB Analytics tool from SandboxModel

Partner Spotlight: Cambridge Collaborative

Q&A with Principle Scientist, Patricia Manning, of Cambridge Collaborative

VMAP & HyperWorks Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of VMAP

Coustyx & HyperWorks Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of the APA's version of Coustyx

Publications That Include EFEA

List of publications with relation to EFEA

Munro Strategic Methods Presentation

Learn the who, what, when, where, how and why of Design Profit.

Design Profit Installation Guide

Guide for installing Design Profit from Munro & Associates

Design Profit Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) Brochure

Overview of the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) feature that accompanies Design Profit

Munro & Associates Design Profit Brochure

Basic information and overview of Design Profit from Munro & Associates

Partner Spotlight: Key to Metals

Interview with Key to Metals CEO Viktor Pocajt

MultiMechanics and HyperWorks Composites Integration Brochure

A visual description of the interface between MultiMech software and HyperWorks

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