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Altair HyperMath

HyperMath Capabilities

Powerful and Flexible Programming Language
  • HyperMath contains an intuitive, high level programming language designed for the development of numerical code. The easy to learn and use language relieves users from the intricacies of code development encountered in traditional programming languages.
    • Fully interpreted and dynamically typed language.
    • Compact notations for minimizing coding efforts
    • Support of matrix based data structures

Comprehensive Math and Utility Libraries
  • A rich math library addresses a wide range of needs that also contains a full suite of extendable utility functions to support peripheral needs.
    • Matrix math
    • Elementary math
    • Signal processing
    • Statistical analysis
    • Differential equations
    • Linear and nonlinear systems solver
    • Plotting functions
    • Operating system functions
    • And more

Integrated Development Environment
  • HyperMath’s integrated set of GUI components (ScriptView) facilitates rapid code development
    • Modern editor with syntax highlighting, code folding & searching capability
    • Organization of programming constructs (folders, files, subroutines, plots) for easy find
    • File browsing system allows access to existing program files on disk
    • Visual and interactive code inspections during runtime
    • A catalog of all built-in library items with search capability

Data Visualization
  • Two dimensional line & bar plots
  • In place editing of plot properties
  • Full array of functions are available for editing plot properties

Data Interfacing
  • A wide variety of file formats can be imported including
    • Altair HyperMesh (.res)
    • Altair OptiStruct
    • Altair H3D (limited)
    • Altair binary format* (.abf)
    • ABAQUS (.odb)
    • LS-DYNA (time history files,d3plot, binout)
    • ADAMS
    • MADYMO
    • NASTRAN pch complex results
    • Ride data files
    • RPC-3
    • nCode (.dac)
    • Excel* (.csv)
    • Multi-column ASCII*
    • xyDATA files
    • UNV
    • DIADEM
    • ISO 13499
    • HDF4
      * Formats can be exported to too.

Interfaces to HyperWorks Products
  • HyperMath can be executed from various other HyperWorks products in different ways. This allows HyperMath to participate in existing HyperWorks processes.
    • Direct interface with Templex allows access from HyperGraph & HyperView
    • Command shell batch mode execution of HyperMath allows access from applications like HyperStudy & Process Manager

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