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Altair BatchMesher

Altair BatchMesher - Take a "Hands-off" Approach to Building Quality Meshes

Altair BatchMesher is a unique and comprehensive solution for dramatically reducing the time required to create a quality mesh. BatchMesher automatically performs geometry feature recognition, clean-up and automatic meshing in batch mode for a given set of CAD files.

BatchMesher directly reads variety of geometry formats, using an integrated library of CAD readers. It performs a various geometry clean-up operations to facilitate high mesh quality for a specified element size and type. BatchMesher also employs user-specified criteria to determine the quality index (QI) of a model. QI optimized meshing and node placement optimizations are performed to obtain the highest mesh quality.

Final results are stored in a HyperMesh database file that contains both the cleaned-up geometry and the finite-element mesh. In addition, process automation tools can be used to expand BatchMesher's capabilities and allow users to interface with BatchMesher operations to create custom solutions for an organization.

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