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Altair Partner Alliance Events

Show Name Date(s) Location
scSTREAM Basic Seminar- Building & Architecture 9/29/2016-9/30/2016 Detroit, MI scSTREAM
Advanced Structure Analysis through the Integration of Molding Simulation and Structural Analysis: Moldex3D to OptiStruct 9/29/2016 10:00 am ET Moldex3D
SC/Tetra Basic Seminar 10/3/2016-10/4/2016 Detroit, MI SC/Tetra
FEMFAT Standard Training 10/4/2016-10/5/2016 St. Valentin, Austria FEMFAT
A Minimization of Forming Loads in the Gear Driver Forging Process Using AFDEX and HyperStudy 10/4/2016 10 am EDT AFDEX
SC/Tetra Visual Basic Automation Seminar 10/5/2016 Detroit, MI SC/Tetra
Practical Fatigue Theory with nCode DesignLife 10/5/2016-10/6/2016 Rotherham, UK nCode DesignLife
SC/Tetra User-Defined Function Seminar 10/6/2016 Detroit, MI SC/Tetra
FEMFAT Advanced Training - Tips & Tricks in FEMFAT Max 10/6/2016 St. Valentin, Austria FEMFAT
SC/Tetra Basic Seminar 10/10/2016-10/11/2016 Houston, TX SC/Tetra
FE-Based Fatigue Analysis with nCode DesignLife 10/12/2016-10/13/2016 Rotherham, UK nCode DesignLife
Molding Innovation Tech Forum at K 2016 10/19/2016-10/26/2016 Düsseldorf, Germany Moldex3D
KTex Family Training 10/20/2016-10/21/2016 Antony, France KTex Family
SC/Tetra Basic Seminar 10/24/2016-10/25/2016 Dayton, OH SC/Tetra
Strength2000 Training 10/25/2016-10/27/2016 Manching, Germany STRENGTH2000®
Visit HyperLean at EuroBLECH 2016 10/25/2016-10/29/2016 Hanover, Germany
Hall 16, Stand G98
SC/Tetra Fluid Structure Interaction Seminar 10/26/2016-10/27/2016 Dayton, OH SC/Tetra
scSTREAM Basic Seminar- Electronics 10/31/2016-11/1/2016 Dayton, OH scSTREAM
FEMFAT User Meeting North America 2016 11/1/2016-11/2/2016 Plymouth, MI, USA FEMFAT
ChassiSim Bootcamp Training 11/8/2016 Cologne, Germany ChassisSim
International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 2016 11/11/2016-11/17/2016 Phoenix, AZ PICLS
SC/Tetra Basic Seminar 11/14/2016-11/15/2016 San Francisco, CA SC/Tetra
Practical Fatigue Theory with nCode DesignLife 11/15/2016 Southfield, MI, USA nCode DesignLife
FEMFAT Basic Training 11/15/2016-11/16/2016 Böblingen, Germany FEMFAT
Moldex3D Half Day eDesign Training 11/16/2016 Farmington Hills, MI, USA Moldex3D
nCode DesignLife: Calculating Fatigue from CAE 11/16/2016-11/18/2016 Southfield, MI, USA nCode DesignLife
FEMFAT Advanced Training 11/17/2016 Böblingen, Germany FEMFAT
scSTREAM Basic Seminar- Electronics 11/17/2016-11/18/2016 San Francisco, CA scSTREAM
scSTREAM Basic Seminar- Building & Architecture 11/21/2016-11/22/2016 San Francisco, CA scSTREAM
CAEfatigue VIBRATION Aerospace Seminar 11/21/2016 Munich, Germany CAEfatigue VIBRATION
Analyse de fatigue par éléments finis avec nCode DesignLife 11/21/2016-11/22/2016 Mennecy, France nCode DesignLife
Moldex3D Training 11/29/2016 München, Germany Moldex3D
ChassiSim Bootcamp Training 12/1/2016 Charlotte, NC, USA ChassisSim
ChassiSim Bootcamp Training 12/6/2016 Indianapolis, IN, USA ChassisSim
SC/Tetra Basic Seminar 12/6/2016-12/7/2016 Detroit, MI SC/Tetra
SC/Tetra Fluid Structure Interaction Seminar 12/8/2016-12/9/2016 Detroit, MI SC/Tetra
scSTREAM Basic Seminar- Electronics 12/12/2016-12/13/2016 Detroit, MI scSTREAM
SC/Tetra Basic Seminar 12/12/2016-12/13/2016 Houston, TX SC/Tetra

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