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Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering

HyperWorks Solutions for Marine Engineering and Shipbuilding

As the world becomes more connected, the Marine Engineering and Shipbuilding Industry is becoming even more important due to it’s role in transportation, trade and energy delivery. Due to increased global competition, the ability to accelerate turnaround time and to reduce cost is becoming a key driver to success. The use of simulation technologies to improve design efficiency and reduce physical testing costs continues to be one of the best ways to address engineering challenges in Marine industry.

Altair HyperWorks provides a comprehensive suite of CAE tools to help conquer these challenges, including:

  • Remove the simulation bottleneck by cutting 50% of the time taken to build ship and offshore structure FEA models from 3D CAD or 2D drawings

  • Reduce fabrication time, labor cost, and rework by optimizing weld length and minimizing weld distortion of subassemblies

  • Minimize material costs by designing weight efficient ship and offshore structures

  • Capture knowledge and improve productivity by automating and standardizing typical and repetitive simulation tasks

  • Engineer safer ships and robust offshore structures and reduce costly testing with simulation of collision, sloshing, slamming and underwater shock

  • Ensure quality and survivability through certification simulations to meet industry classification society requirements

In Marine Engineering and Shipbuilding industry, Altair HyperWorks powers successful design.

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