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RADIOSS Benefits

Contact Analysis with RADIOSS
Scalability, Quality, and Repeatability
RADIOSS’ advanced multi-processor and multi-domain solutions (Hybrid Massively Parallel Processing) have enabled the best scalability in the industry for large, highly non-linear structural simulation. The use of Advanced Mass Scaling and single precision option speeds at orders of magnitudes while retaining the same accurate results. Detailed and accurate analysis can also be achieved without decreasing the global time step or increasing overall simulation time. Special provisions in the implementation guarantee full repeatability of results regardless of the number of computer cores, nodes or threads used in parallel computation. Numerical scattering of results is highly minimized.

Most Comprehensive Material & Rupture Libraries
Correlated material laws and rupture criteria include definitions for concrete, foam, rubber, steel, composites, biomaterials, and more.

Optimization Ready
Tightly integrated with OptiStruct and HyperStudy, design optimization and robustness studies can be performed easily to improve design performance.

Responsive Support Organization
RADIOSS support is very responsive in reacting to user input. A rigorous quality assurance regime makes it possible to implement new features quickly and without regression in quality.

Workload Management Interface
PBS Professional can efficiently schedule and manage RADIOSS compute workload on server infrastructures to minimize job turn-around-time.

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Using RADIOSS to Reduce the Simulation Time Without Compromising on the Accuracy

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