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Course Description

Introduction to AcuSolve/AcuConsole
ONLINE Introduction to AcuSolve for the new CFD user

CAEfatigue VIBRATION 1-day Seminar
CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2-day Training Course

Casting Simulation
Click2Cast for Manufacturing Feasibility

Advanced HyperMesh - CFD
HyperMesh for CFD Modeling
Offshore CFD

Concept Design
Concept Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of 3D Printed Parts
solidThinking Inspire

Math & Systems Modeling
ONLINE Activate
ONLINE Compose

Metal Forming
Formability of Sheet Metal
HyperForm Introduction
SolidThinking for Manufacturing

MultiBody Dynamics
MotionView MDL
MotionView/MotionSolve Intro
ONLINE MotionView/MotionSolve

Pre and Post-Processing
Advanced HyperMesh - Connectors
Advanced HyperMesh - Morphing
BirdStrike Vulnerability
HyperCrash Introduction
HyperMesh 11.0 Update
HyperMesh Customization – An Introduction to Scripting
HyperMesh for CFD Applications
HyperMesh for Connectors
HyperMesh for GeoMechanics
HyperMesh Introduction (2-day)
HyperMesh/HyperView Introduction
HyperMorph Introduction
HyperShape/Catia 3.1
HyperView Introduction
HyperWorks 11.0 Update
HyperWorks Desktop for CFD
HyperWorks for ABAQUS
HyperWorks for LS-DYNA
Introduction to HyperWorks for Aerospace
Meshing and Pre-Processing in HyperWorks
ONLINE Intro to HyperMesh & HyperView
ONLINE Intro to SimLab
Pre-Processing for Finite Element Analysis

HyperMath Introduction
Introduction to HyperView & HyperGraph Customization
ONLINE HyperMesh Customization Introduction

Solver and Optimization
Advanced Optimization Techniques in HyperWorks
Advanced Structural Optimization Using OptiStruct
Basic and Advanced NVH Workshop
Composite Analysis and Optimization
High and Low Frequency Electromagnetic Analysis Introduction
HyperWorks for Structural Analysis
Introduction to FEA
Linear FE Analysis using OptiStruct
NVH Analysis Methods
ONLINE HyperStudy
ONLINE OptiStruct for Non-Linear Analysis
ONLINE Radioss Introduction
Optimización de Modelos Explícitos en OptiStruct
OptiStruct for Fatigue Analysis
OptiStruct for Linear Analysis
OptiStruct for Non-Linear Analysis
OptiStruct for Non-Linear Implicit Analysis
OptiStruct for NVH
OptiStruct for Optimization
OptiStruct for Optimization
OptiStruct Linear Dynamics Introduction
OptiStruct Optimization (1-day)
OptiStruct Optimization using HyperWorks
RADIOSS For Defense Applications
Radioss for Nastran Users - Getting Accurate Results from FEA
RADIOSS Introduction
Radioss Seminar and Training

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