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hm_mapelementstoplane - Fast unfolding of a given set of connected shell elements onto the plane.
hm_mapelementstoplane markMask ?panelSensitive?
HyperMesh Tcl Query

The mark mask (1 or 2) of selected shell elements


0 = Mark mask insensitive to the HyperMesh panel level.  (Default)

1 = Mark mask sensitive to the HyperMesh panel level


This script flattens a selected mesh, moving its notes to a 2-D plane:

# select elements

*createmark elems 1 all


# calculate mapping of selected elements nodes to 2d plane

set node_map2d [ hm_mapelementstoplane 1 ]


# move each node to its 2d position (flatten the mesh)

foreach node $node_map2d {

  # node id, and calculated u, v on a plane

  set node_id [ lindex $node 0 ]

  set node_u  [ lindex $node 1 ]

  set node_v  [ lindex $node 2 ]


  # current coordinates

  set node_x  [ hm_getentityvalue nodes $node_id "x" 0 ]

  set node_y  [ hm_getentityvalue nodes $node_id "y" 0 ]

  set node_z  [ hm_getentityvalue nodes $node_id "z" 0 ]


  # u will be new node's x, v will be new node's y, new z will be 0

  set vector_x [ expr $node_u - $node_x ]

  set vector_y [ expr $node_v - $node_y ]

  set vector_z [ expr - $node_z ]

  *createvector 1 $vector_x $vector_y $vector_z


  # calculate translation distance used by 'translatemark' (vector magnitude is ignored there)

  set dist [expr sqrt( $vector_x * $vector_x + $vector_y * $vector_y + $vector_z * $vector_x )]


  # select and translate the node

  *createmark nodes 1 $node_id

  *translatemark nodes 1 1 $dist
The result is returned as a list with a number of entries equal to the number of nodes in the set of selected elements: { { id1 x1 y1 } { id2 x2 y2} ... }. Each entry in the list consists of node id and mapped node coordinates on the plane.

The algorithm used by this command attempts to unfold a set of connected shell elements onto the plane while minimizing deformation for each element.

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